Macky Maids Cleaning Services
1805 Felt St. Unit B
Santa Cruz, CA.
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Macky Maids has been providing first-rate service to Santa Cruz and Monterey  counties since 2008. Our commitment to unsurpassed service and workmanship has earned us a well deserved reputation as Santa Cruz's finest cleaning service. No other company offers a higher level of service or greater value. We offer better than reasonable rates, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and require no contracts to be signed. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in California. We even offer incentives for referring family and friends!

We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services (or any combination of these).

For over three years, Owners Jesus and Macky have been earning loyal customers throughout Santa Cruz. They consider the establishment and management of Shining Stars Cleaning to be a labor of love. The warmth and genuine appreciation they receive from customers have made this a business like no other. Natives to Santa cruz, they have built their business on the premise that they are performing a service to the community. "Keeping our city clean is very satisfying", states Macky. Macky insisted that Macky Maids Cleaning services would also use "Green" products as requested. According to Macky, "This too, is a great service to our community...and planet".

Well, before we started with our business, good times Macky!



We will like to share with you some of our family pictures, Macky and Jonathan our son

Later at night, after a long duty
with our daughter Jennifer and our son Jonathan.

Macky a day-dreamer? Yeah! why not?
Macky Maids
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